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Companies House maintains a database of over 1.6 million private companies registered in Singapore. Easily purchase information about companies shareholders, directors and capital structure.


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A complete database of companies registered in Singapore.


Companies House Singapore compiles data from various sources such as government records, public websites, user contributed information, and makes it easily available to anyone around the world.

Company status

Verify that a company is operational and holds the required licenses.

Legal Entity Type

Find out the current legal entity type and status.

Registration Date

Date of company incorporation.

Principal activities

Find out principal activities of the company.

An example of a company status report in Singapore
An example of a company structure report in Singapore

Capital structure

Full overview of company’s capital and share allocation.

Paid-up capital

The amount of both authorized and issued capital. Number of shares and price per share.

Share Structure

Involves ordinary and preference shares.

List of directors

List of company's directors and whether they own shares in the company.

List of shareholders

A list of company's shareholders and how many shares each of them owns.

Corporate governance

Registered Address

Appointed Auditor

Date of last annual general meeting

Appointment Of Directors

An example of a company status report in Singapore

Always up-to-date information about Singapore companies


Once you process an order, we will query information from various sources to ensure that you get the latest information about the company. Here are some of the common use cases for the business profiles ordered from Companies House.

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Know your Business (KYB) analysis

Companies House is a KYB partner for many international due diligence firms around the world.

An example of a company status report in Singapore

Analyze companies in other Southeast Asian countries

Singapore is a popular jurisdiction for incorporating holding companies that control shares of private companies in other Southeast Asian markets. Companies House lets you dig deeper into actual ownership structures of Southeast Asian companies.

An example of a company status report in Singapore

Credit Scoring

Receiving a financing request from a Singapore company? Our reports help you to verify the company information.

Are you an enterprise looking for bulk orders?

Reach out to [email protected] if you would like to discuss bulk orders. For large customers, we offer additional payment and delivery options, such as paying for reports with one monthly invoice. This feature is commonly used by large banks and accounting firms.

Need a custom due diligence report about a company?

Companies House Singapore maintains a large database of companies and collects hundreds of data points about them. If you need a more extensive due diligence report—such as criminal records, primary research, stakeholder interviews, or media analysis—reach out to [email protected] for a custom quotation.